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A WRKChain is a  semi-private consortium blockchain. This offering was built to serve a group of entities that need to be held accountable to one another.

WRKChains make the consortium itself  the de facto regulator. Each partner hosts a node that verifies all transactions for validity according to its rules and ensures the immutability of the data.  As always, time-stamping to Unification’s Mainnet for public record gives a verification proof outside verifiers.

Use Case: Competitive Motorsports

WRKChains can be used by competitive motorsports events that experience rampant cheating as a way to immutably record all vehicle key statistic across the league. Each race team hosts a node so that when any other team modifies a record, it will be visible to all teams.


BEACON is a Unification core blockchain product that provides immutability and tamper-resistance to an existing database.

BEACON allows a single partner to continue to use their existing database structure (mySQL, AWS, etc) and enable audit-ability of any record entry to their database. This is exceptionally useful for entities that need to prove that data has not been changed by an administrator acting in bad faith or a hacker. By timestamping the database to the Unification Mainnet for public record, anyone can verify the integrity of the database.


Use Case: Credential Verification

A medical organization with thousands of healthcare professionals needs to show regulators that they have on-boarded physicians properly by verifying their medical board credentials.  This process can also be an ongoing verification on a periodic basis with credential checks from the medical board.


TokenForge is Unification’s WRKChain infrastructure that allows for a consortium marketplace based on tokenization and can be implemented in two versions:

Fungible Tokens – This is a case where with US Dollars, 1 USD = 1 Token and every token is interchangeable. Fungible offerings are useful in situations for centralized stable coins, utility tokens and retail focused consumer loyalty tokens.

Non-Fungible Tokens – Each Token can represent a unique asset such as a piece of fine art or real estate which then can be sub-divided and distributed.


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