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Toolkits and Solutions for Practical Implementations of WRKChains
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Unification's WRKChain allows for rapid and reliable deployment of trusted blockchain solutions for large-scale enterprise operations.

Toolkits and Solutions for Practical Implementations of WRKChain
The reality of blockchain is that current usage is greatly concentrated in early adopter communities and closed wall private consortiums. There is little to no mainstream usage of blockchain technology. 

Unification Enterprise (UE) intends to change that. 

The mission of UE is to bring existing enterprises and developers onto the WRKChain ecosystem by not only providing them with toolkits, but to assist them to deploy and implement WRKChains and Beacons that can serve the needs of consumers.

In order to understand how we can provide solution - we have to answer the ubiquitous question...
Why Blockchain? 
The immutability of Blockchain is useful in a few general situations:
➡️ A group of entities that need to establish some inherent “trust” with each other in a trustless environment. A great example would be a supply chain where all members would host a “node” so that they can all verify in real time data being inputted so that nobody could alter historical data.
➡️ A database system that requires tamper proof data such as a voting ecosystem where users submit their votes and this is recorded on a chain. It is documented and certainly cannot be tampered. This can be in the form of a distributed ledger (blockchain) or just a centralized database that submits to share the trust factor of an immutable blockchain.
➡️ An economy of assets where the owners of the assets require trustless verification of their possession and trading of these assets. The assets could be fungible (ie.. coins) or non-fungible (gaming cards or real estate) Finally, they can also be interchangeable with other chains in the overarching ecosystem.
➡️ All of the above and the implementation of a Global Immutable Identity system that isn't necessarily tied to a “speculative coin”. 
Discover Your Use Case:
While developers with the right balance of skills and experience can go to the Unification Github and read the documentation and install their own WRKChain or Beacon.

Just in the same way that anybody can freely install and deploy the fully open source Linux. However the reality is that sometimes a set of trusted hands and tools can greatly clarify and speed the process. Here is a small sample of some of the tools and services that Unification Enterprise is offering for our Clients.

Implementation of a global identity standard based on the open WS3 DID protocol.

An open identity standard that allows each end user (or entity for that matter) to have a permanent immutable online identity marker that is not tied to UND or the WRKChain coin for that matter. Meaning that this identity is permanently accessible, lasting and interoperable across other agents.
The Heaven of Data Interoperability
HAIKU is a protocol that allows placing a users data into a standardization format and making that data (with the users permission of course) to other actors in the system.

This creates a de facto marketplace economy where assets can be be bought/sold/traded. This is typically useful in use cases such as Adtech data exchanges.
Trading cards, loot boxes, real estate, fine art or the limits of your imagination all secured by your immutable WRKChain.

We can provide Structure and accountability for deployment of any Non-fungible (unique) asset along with interfaces, explorers and wallets to access, buy, sell and trade the assets.

There are numerous implementations that fall under the term “stable coin” including fiat backed and algorithmic stable coins.

While we can’t advise on the legal requirements of a Stable Coin in your jurisdiction, we can certainly provide the deployment structure for certain types of coins under the WRKChain umbrella.
You Decide - We Deploy
Not all WRKChains require a coin and not all coins need to be available for speculation.

Depending on your needs, we can deploy a federated WRKChain with no INTER WRKChain coins so that all transactions are purely data driven and validated by committed actors within the system. However, if the project is best served with issuing a dedicated coin and have it traded publicly, this is also possible with the UE framework.
Introducing BEACON
(WRKChain Lite) 
While a WRKChain can be a simple or complex implementation of a blockchain, sometimes an entity will just only need to add a layer of immutable trust to their already existing (or soon to be developed) database.

This works through the BEACON SDK which tracks and timestamps all changes made to your databases and converts this into a shortened HASH (often times under 100 characters) which is a encrypted/condensed marker of your data.

This HASH is then submitted to the UND Mainchain and immutability recorded. (while still maintaining the privacy of your data) The net effect of Beacon is that if someone goes into the database and changes records without transparency/authorization, it will no longer match the records of HASHES on Mainchain and and an alert will be sounded.

Application of BEACON is lightweight and inexpensive to implement and useful for any application where data integrity is paramount. 
All Deployments secured
by the MainChain
With Predictable Fixed Costs Validation 
What sets the UND WRKChain ecosystem light years apart is the understanding that enterprises using the WRKChain and related services need a guaranteed and predictable pricing structure. Whether it be WRKChains or Beacon, each time they submit their “stamps” to Mainchain they will accompany this with a payment of UND (United Network Distribution token) 

UND has been designed to be a predictable asset for Utility where any client can purchase UND at a fixed price from the foundation no matter what is the current “market value”. These UNDs will be placed in an account that can only be used for payment of tax for network resources. In this way, Governments, Enterprises and Developers can have a predicable fixed cost for usage of network resources without having to adjust their budgets continually around the speculative value of a “coin” .

Data Privacy Ensured
Just because it is a blockchain, does not mean that every little bit of data needs to be public and readable. Various entities have different needs for their data, whether it be publicly accessible on the chain or obfuscated and only decoded by their private encryption key.

We educate our clients on the options and implementations according to their needs.  
In a developing nation that has often struggled with corruption, the government has decided to issue a stablecoin in which they will issue all of the payments for their government issued contracts.

The contractee receives payment in the stable coin and can use it to transact with other entities in the government ecosystem and eventually redeem it at the government bank for fiat. 

In this particular implementation, the government and independent academic entities are able to provide validation for the WRKChain with Unification Enterprise able to provide:
  •  White Label Mobile Wallet to access the stable coin
  • Private Block Explorer to trace transactions
  • Feeless Implementation where each transaction of the stablecoin does not tax for INTER WRKChain network resources
A network of private Clinics with over 2 million active patients is seeking to liquify their health records.

Deploying the WRKChain on a federated basis with no internal “coin” , Unification Enterprise can provide a white label implementation of the BABEL wallet which allows patients with a click to assign access to their health records to qualified providers across their network.

The end goal of this initiative is for the initial deployer to bring other networks of clinics and hospitals onboard, offering them validator status and participation in the network
A gaming company with over 3 million downloads of their previous release is seeking to make all assets in their new release non-fungible and tradable.

Using a protocol similar to ERC-721 - we are able to assist them a way to deploy unique on-chain assets that are tradable off-line among players using their INTER WRKChain Coin.

The critical feature here is because validation is federated, there are no costs to players (nor need to hold UND or any other coins) to interact with the blockchain. Immutability is guaranteed due to periodic resolvement on the UND Mainchain

Discover the WRKChain that Belongs to You
At UE, we firmly understand that not all Distributed Ledger Technologies are a one-size-fits-all - with numerous nuances but having a key common need in that governments, enterprises and developers all require a predictable, fixed-price access to immutable network resources.

Much of what can be done with the UND WRKChain can be explored in the public documentation and implemented independently by a team of accomplished blockchain developers with experience in GO and Solidity. They can deploy an independent WRKChain (or Beacon) and maintain a nominal UND wallet for checking in and stamping with Mainchain. 

All the above having been said, if your organization does require technical assistance, consulting, or just requires someone to bounce some ideas off of, please get in touch. . We are here to help with our first and primary goal being the empowerment of developers in the UND ecosystem and the long term success of the platform. 

Please email us at [email protected] to speak with one of our Development Representatives to determine if a custom implementation of a WRKChain or Beacon is right for your organization. 

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