UND Token Details
UND = United Network Distribution
Ticker Symbol
with token swap at mainnet
ERC-20 Contract Address
Circulating Supply
Max Supply Potential
How is Circulating Supply Calculated?
There are 3 types of Wallets in the UND ecosystem:
COLD, HOT and Circulating

COLD Wallets are wallets allocated to various vested entities including equity investors, foundation, team and advisors. All of the COLD wallets are considered NON-CIRCULATING

HOT Wallets will receive tokens from COLD Wallets and the disperse them typically via ATD. HOT Wallets are considered NON-CIRCULATING. However, any UND sent out from a HOT Wallet is then considered to be Circulating

There are currently 15 COLD Wallets and 2 HOT Wallets. All other wallets will be considered Circulating.
COLD Wallet Addresses
HOT Wallet Addresses
Question: When does more UND enter Circulation? 
Answer: We are following the very strict ATD model (Algorithmic Token Distribution) the vast details can be found in this article.

The TLDR is that all of the tokens in the COLD wallets (over 97% of total supply as of April 2019) will only be released into the market in micro drips based on volume. This is a very similar model to the XRP distribution and is designed to maintain market health. During the initial circulation periods no new UND will be introduced into the market until it has stabilized in a healthy manner.

Question: What is current distribution of tokens and Lockup Period?
Answer: Distribution can be found here: 

Enterprise: 32%
Foundation Incentive: 20%
Team: 12%
Advisory: 5%
Equity Investors: 13.50%
Investors: 1.5%
Market Support: 1.5%
Foundation Distribution Pool: 14.5%

Note: All tokens in COLD and HOT Wallets are currently locked. They will only be unlocked and distributed when there is sufficient volume and health in the market to support new distribution. 

Question: How much money did you raise, what was your Hardcap?
Answer: We did not sell tokens in a public sale. We raised under 1 Million USD privately which granted a mixture of equity and minor token distributions.    

Question: How do I buy UND?
Answer: The following exchanges currently are selling UND. Please note that we are not specifically endorsing these exchanges as UND is a public asset and can be listed by any entity with or without our permission. 

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