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Unification Network Users

On-Chain FUND Consumer Partners

Product Name Network ID $FUND Reg. Fee $FUND Consumption
WRKChain Finchains - Decentralised Price Oracle finchains 10,000 20000
WRKChain Crypto Finchains - Decentralised Price Oracle for Crypto Currencies finchains_crypto 10,000 56593
BEACON ABBFIAForm-E ABBFIAForm-E 10,000 381109
BEACON bahia01desdobramento bahia01desdobramento 10,000 564097
BEACON piauí02desdobramento piaui02desdobramento 10,000 544303
BEACON Public Accountability Chain pac 10,000 125138
BEACON Paraná03lançamento parana03lancamento 10,000 528835
BEACON xFUND xfund 10,000 17161
BEACON xBTC xBTC 10,000 1169
BEACON MinasGerais04lançamento minasgerais04lancamento 10,000 762576
BEACON IrkutskНачинать irkutsk 10,000 1034427
Product Client $FUND
WRKChain finchains 20000
WRKChain finchains_crypto 56593
BEACON bahia01desdobramento 564097
BEACON piaui02desdobramento 544303
BEACON pac 125138
BEACON parana03lancamento 528835
BEACON xfund 17161
BEACON minasgerais04lancamento 762576
BEACON irkutsk 1034427

Unification Partnerships & Projects

Public Accountability Chain

A Framework for Truth in Distributed Data

Bringing transparency, immutability, and sovereignty to relevant data by combining centralized, scattered datasets that affect the public. The current hosted version of Public Accountability Chain showcases data that is focused on police conduct reports – pulling from seven different centralized sources and time-stamping the ongoing results to the FUND Mainchain.


Finchains provides transparent decentralized price oracle data for traders in a number of industries.Traders can query the smart contract and find historical slippages between exchanges and set their trading algorithms armed with this knowledge.

$FUND Block Explorer

Unification core dev team has developed a simple block explorer that provides real-time network usage data. Monitor transactions, block time, voting power and more dynamic stats with this web tool. Searching via transaction hash, block height and address are available in this beta release.

$FUND Web Wallet

With our official web wallet, $FUND token holders can securely delegate $FUND to nodes who will stake these for you and share a commission % of the rewards accrued for running the network. You always maintain control and ownership of your private keys and $FUND.


Babel UVCID & Health Wallets

The Unification Foundation has developed several customer wallets for Insurance, Governments, Stablecoins & Health Organizations. We continue to develop custom solutions and applications across enterprise and happy to discuss how we can best help your organization benefit from our toolkits.

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