Easy To Use Blockchain Toolkits For Enterprise

Unification Enterprise Toolkits


Beacons are the best choice for singularly maintained centralized databases that require an element of trust added.


WRKChains are a Distributed Ledger Technology designed specifically for real-world enterprise and consumer adoption.


TokenForge is Unification’s WRKChain infrastructure that allows for a consortium marketplace based on tokenization

A New Approach

Unification Enterprise uses an approach we call the solution delivery framework (SDF). Through this framework we help customers quickly and strategically achieve value while building enterprise-wide capabilities. Our SDF is powerful but simple and flexible enough to scale to meet even the most unique business needs.

Unification Provides 360° Blockchain Services

Improve Infrastructure

Unification Enterprise combines the power of our Foundation tools along with our team’s deep experience to improve speed, audibility, accountability, and more

Architect Applications

We work with many industry challengers in Finance, Medical, Insurance, & Robotics to bring new visions to life and allow startups to take share in massive, yet stagnant markets.

Data Interoperability

Unification Enterprise enables interoperability in previously fragmented data to optimize operations & unlock enormous value.

Compliance & Reconciliation

We make compliance & reconciliation a turnkey event through optimized model for records of one organization, centralized entities with external constituents or consortiums.


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Unification creates rapidly deployable blockchain tools with built-in cost & speed predictability that bring security & efficiency to your business operations.
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