Verified Open Randomness
Permissionless and publicly provable
on-chain randomness tool

Blockchain data is entirely deterministic
While providing a North Star of transparency, this does leave an unmet need for randomization methods. VOR solves this.

Random number requests to the VORCoordinator can be built into Smart Contracts—this is monitored for emitted events by VOR Provider Oracles. Random numbers, along with their proof are sent back to the VORCoordinator, which verifies and sends these to client smart contracts.VOR Oracles use secp256k1 private keys to generate randomness.A full technical explanation is available here.

VOR is relied upon for the on-chain poker game,Holdem Heroes.


Powered by xFUND, VOR is:

Permissionless — no forms
or bivdev meetings required
Provably Random -
publicly verifiable on-chain
Multi-chain - currently deployed on Ethereum and Polygon networks
Built for easy integration with DeFi, NFTs & Gaming
Publicly accessible from any Solidity Smart Contract
Fair price xFUND consumption model for all users equally