The Unification Blockchain Toolkit is utilized by Enterprise Partners, as well as Dapps accessing the Permissionless Products suite. To discuss partnering with Unification to power your application, contact the team, or integrate immediately.


As long-term partners of Unification, the Shiba Inu team relies on tools including Oracle of Oracles (OoO) and Verified Open randomness (VOR), to fuel its growing tech suite. Shibarium is being advised by the Unification Foundation, and relies upon OoO and UNODE. Similarly, the ShibaSwap DEX was built upon OoO for its secure price feeds.

Shiboshis NFTs

The exclusive NFT collection of the infamous Shiba Inu, the Shiboshis are a 10,000 PFP series. Their meteoric launch was powered by Oracle of Oracles, to facilitate fair minting prices in the $LEASH token, as well as Ether.

Holdem Heroes

The first Texas Hold’em poker game played 100% on-chain with NFTs. This Play-2-Earn Web3 game is powered by VOR, to serve truly secure random hands for fair play.

UNIX Gaming  

One of the largest Play-2-Earn Web3 Gaming Guilds in the world, UNIX are Beacons on a testnet of a *top secret* project. Platform under stealth development for 2023 release.

Public Accountability Chain

A Framework for Truth in Distributed Data

Bringing transparency, immutability, and sovereignty to relevant data by combining centralized, scattered datasets that affect the public. The current hosted version of Public Accountability Chain showcases data that is focused on police conduct reports – pulling from seven different centralized sources and time-stamping the ongoing results to the FUND Mainchain.

Finchains provides transparent decentralized price oracle data for traders in a number of industries.Traders can query the smart contract and find historical slippages between exchanges and set their trading algorithms armed with this knowledge.

Introducing a Transparent & Decentralized Price Oracle

$FUND Web Wallet

With our official web wallet, $FUND token holders can securely delegate $FUND to nodes who will stake these for you and share a commission % of the rewards accrued for running the network. You always maintain control and ownership of your private keys and $FUND.

How to Stake, Get Rewards and use the FUND Web Wallet

Install the Web Wallet

Unification Network Users

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