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Oracle of Oracles
Secure On-Chain Pricing Information
Permissionless Master Oracle: uniting, weighting, and averaging the price feeds from centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), to serve the “true, realtime price” of any asset and remove customizable outliers.
What is OoO?
In response to the wave DeFi attacks and “Flashloan” losses, Unification released the Oracle of Oracles (OoO).
This is in line with our continuing effort to expand our toolset adoption, by providing Permissionless Products to serve the growing DeFi industry.
Flash loan hack-resistant
Permissionless — no forms or bizdev meetings necessary
On-chain / Off-chain secure price feeds
CEX and DEX data sources
Unlimited tokens with automated inclusion of qualified assets
For example, your contract requires a one-time price for the FOO/BAR token pair.
Since this is not currently tracked by Oracle or Oracles, the endpoint FOO.BAR.AD can be used in your contract to grab the price data.
The Oracle will query all applicable exchanges for the latest FOO/BAR price data. As long as at least one of the DEXs supports the pair and the pair has the equivalent of at least $100,000 liquidity, the mean price will be returned.
In addition, any feeds that include outliers as a result of manipulation etc., will be automatically removed, with you as the deployer able to modify the risk threshold to your customizable level.
Read about the reliance of Shiboshis NFTs on Oracle of Oracles here.
And OoO as the backbone of Finchains here.
Full examples and documentation for the ad-hoc functionality can be found here.
Shibarium network is powered by OoO.