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Signup via Web3 Authentication

Permissionless by design

Pure Web3 Payments

Blockchain payments for blockchain tools

No IP address or other sort of logging

Privacy by default 

The Leanest & Fastest RPC in Web3

Plug-and-play API integration 

Who Is It For

Exploring the Blockchain and Crypto Traders Universe

Blockchain Developers

For those pushing the boundaries of blockchain and dApp development, UNoDE provides the best in class: Private, lean, fast, and expandable RPC Nodes as a Service with a roadmap expansion in Phase 2 to grow into a truly decentralised NaaS platform, including the ability to allow anyone to start their own RPC infrastructure and join the UNoDE family to earn shared revenue from the platform

Crypto Traders

For those that desire to utilize a fast & efficient RPC solution privately, instead of “becoming the product” by having all transaction, spending, and other data tracked through large platform usage, UNoDE offers a fully private personalized solution with everything needed & nothing undesired.

FUND Benefits

✦ Fully-Customizable Subscriptions

✦ Ability to Lock Rates Long-term

✦ Evergreen Discounts of 20%

✦ Revenue Sharing with UNoDE 2.0

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