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Tools & Documentation

UND Testnet

Our initial UND Testnet comprises of three fixed nodes which are responsible for generating and signing new blocks.

Unification Mainchain

Mainnet is live.  See our documentation..


Test transactions can be submitted via this link. This URL can be added as a custom RPC URL to tools such as MetaMask and MEW.

Testnet UND Faucet

To develop on our Testnet, developers require UND which is available via the UND Testnet Faucet.

Testnet Block Explorer

We have deployed a simple block explorer allowing you to view blocks, transactions and query address and contract balances.


The SDK is easily configurable and will generate all the documentation, deployment and provisioning scripts necessary for running your own WRKChain.

WRKChain Oracle

WRKChain Oracle is the application which binds a WRKChain to the Mainchain. A developer runs the WRKChain Oracle in parallel with WRKChain nodes.

WRKChain Validator UI

WRKChain Validator UI can be configured to connect to a WRKChain and the Mainchain in order to query and validate submitted block hashes.